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As the saying goes, Feeding the hungry is the noblest of all deeds. This is the ideology for us a group of like-minded people to start the group under the name “Agal Vilakku Trust”. We chose the name “Agal Vilakku” to symbolize that we are not as big as the sun to serve all the people in need but a small lantern which brightens a limited area or a smaller area to lighten up a small section of the needy. We started with providing food for people who really need than the people who show themselves to be needy.

We as a group of volunteers, who are either employed or small entrepreneurs get together at least 2 times a month and serve people who reside in either orphanages or old- age homes or homes who care for the homeless or differently abled. We also are a group of people who from various walks of life, caste, religion come together for a single cause of serving the needy

We also formed a group where in the requests for a group prayer called “Kaalan Aatma Prarthanai” is associated with people who raise a request for all issues which they face to be resolved by adding value through group prayer.

The thirst of our members in search of knowledge about faith and saints had let us to start another group called “Jai Pithanaaga Sithanai Thedi” which caters knowledge to our group members on the various saints and practices in our faith. Through this group, we also conduct Trips to places of religious importance and to gain knowledge through the trip.

A similar group like the above was also formed along with friends in Malaysia called “Jeeva Oli Gnanam” for aiding their quest in Religion, Meditation and helping them is search of their knowledge on Saints.

We also have created a group called “Nallaram”. “Nalla Illarame Nallaram”. This group is to aid people who are in the process of finding Brides/ Grooms for themselves or for friends or for relatives or for family members. We have a clear agenda created in this group to get the expectations from both sides and will give the contact mutually for them to discuss between themselves. We are very strict in staying away from the process after providing the details both sides. We also have a individual mail for this group so as to enable people to get in contact with us. The mail id for contact is nallaram07@gmail.com

Agal Vilakku Trust is spear headed by Raja Muniyandi with the help of several of his friends in achieving the idea and serving the people who need care. Though we started with providing food we plan to serve the needy with help for education, livelihood and employment. These are the areas in which we want to expand our deeds. We also find or search for old temples which are ignored for its current state of affairs and perform tasks to restore the sanctity of the temple and regularisation of Poojas. We also help the temples in planting saplings of trees pertaining to the temple and also plant flowering plants to aid the temples to attain self-sufficiency for their needs.

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